Seinfeld Quotes API Documentation

This a brief explaination of how this API works.

For a list of awesome Seinfeld quotes, please go to

For a random quote, please go to

The response is only available in JSON format for now.

This was made as a fun project and does not mean to infringe on Seinfeld (one of my favorite shows ever).

Images are still being implemented, URL's provided for images do not lead to any endpoint.

Sample Request with jQuery

            //do something

Sample Response

    "quote": "Yeah I eat the whole apple.. core, stem, seeds -- everything",
    "author": "Kramer",
    "season": "2",
    "episode": "10",	
    "image": "./Images/15-3.png"

Terms of Use

This API is completely free, I just ask that you include a link or reference to where the data is coming from.


This API is a work in progress and is being created by willcodes.

If you would like to contribute or send me a quote you think should be included, please get in touch.